If you’re into a little tropical vacation on your tongue, then try JustCBD’s Mango CBD Cartridge. The flavoring used in this juice has been crafted to bring out the natural succulence of the fruit while making the flavor and aroma of the vape cloud even sweeter, even juicier. Its also packed 200mg of broad-spectrum CBD into this lusciously sweet vape juice. You’ll need a 5-10 thread battery that does 450mah and above to enjoy it. Once you’ve got that covered, treat yourself to a proprietary CBD extract that harnesses the collaborative effect of terpenes and cannabinoids that full-spectrum CBD offers, without any THC. By isolating this ingredient, you experience the natural range of sensation that the pure, unadulterated hemp plant provides, without the drowsing, psychoactive effects caused by one pesky cannabinoid. Recommended for anyone who likes luscious, sweet flavors and the high-bioavailability offered by vaporizing CBD. Always third-party, lab tested.